In addition to our own assortment of furniture for the outdoor environment, we have a range of agency products:

Urban Elements




  • Ivar with 3 armrests, Knivsta station
  • Bum-rest Ivar, Knivsta station
  • Bench Standard with brackets, equipped with handles
  • Bench Standard with brackets
  • Freestanding bench with handles
  • Bench Alma, freestanding, Nynäsbanan
  • Bench Alma, Solna station
  • Bench Ivar with armrest
  • Bum-rest Ivar together with Bench Ivar, Knivsta station
  • Bum-rest on brackets and bench Alma, Nynäsbanan
  • Bench Alma, with brackets in weather shelter Light, Spanien
  • Bum-rest with brackets in weather shelter X-Rail, Partille
  • Bum-rest Isak, single
  • Bum-rest Isak, double, Lidköping´s Travel Centre
  • Freestanding bench Standard with 2 handles, Lidköping´s Travel Centre
  • Bench RH, Uppsala
  • Bench, 06-02-01
  • Bench, 06-01-05 with litter bin 06-06-07
  • Bench, 13-04-18_02
  • Detail photo, bench 07-04-05
  • Bench Vision-XY, Urban Elements
  • Bench Timeless, Urban Elements
  • Chair Trend, Urban Elements
  • Bench Straight Line, Urban Elements
  • Bench Vision -W, Urban Elements